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The Attic

Quick Details

Adults From: Ages 18+
Teens From: Ages 13 to 17
Kids From: Ages 6-12

The Grand Search in Great Aunt Lena’s Attic

Loosely based on the true story of the Great Aunt Lena, who lived through the Great Depression and didn’t believe in banks (or wills). She recently passed away and rumor has it that she left her nieces and nephews an impressive stack of “Benjamins.” Ahh… if only life were that simple… The house was sold through probate and the new owners are taking possession in one hour. You’ve searched everywhere but… THE ATTIC! Someone will be forever grateful to Great Aunt Lena… will it be you??

Please note: There is a four-person minimum required to book this room on line,  but exceptions may be possible by calling us at 207-725-6293.

*Kid-friendly versions available for ages 8+