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The Christmas Portal

Quick Details

You’ve come home unexpectedly early from a day on the slopes and soon realize you’ve interupted the Grinch as he is making off with all your presents. Can you catch him, retrieve your presents and banish him back to Mr. Crumpit before its too late??

We now have two versions of this light hearted ( but challenging ) holiday tradition! One for families with children 5 and up, and a more difficult version for older individuals that are still young at heart!!

Adult Ages 18 and up
Teen Ages 13 to 17 • An Adult is required to book, please call for special circumstances
Child Ages 6-12 and under • Adult must be in room

The Christmas Portal

This is our holiday room for familes, it is only avaliable during the Christmas season, Novemeber-January!

A fun, lighthearted Escape Room designed for family groups of 3-8.