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COVID-19 Update

As we all adapt to this “new normal”, please see how we at the Brunswick Escape Room are setting expectations and standards for our staff and guests that comply with the DECD guidelines.

What WE will do…

  • Practice enhanced room sanitation by cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, items and locks between games
  • Increase the amount of time between games to ensure adequate amount of time for cleaning
  • Greet you with staff who are fully vaccinated
  • Ensure employees stay 6 feet apart whenever practical
  • Provide a secluded waiting area that allows for guests to social distance while filling out paperwork

What we are asking YOU to do…

  • When checking in, we ask that any members of your party who are not fully vaccinated please wear a mask until they have entered the game room.
  • The party will fill out paperwork and wait in the designated seating area until the game master invites the group in.
  • The game master will explain the story for the given room
  • Once the game master has left the room, the unvaccinated team members can remove their face masks if they wish.
  • Once the team has escaped, we request that all unvaccinated team members reapply their face masks until they exit the lobby.