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  • Great For Kids!

The Formula

Quick Details

Adults From: Ages 18+
Kids From: Ages 6 to 12
Teens From: Ages 13 to 17

Can You Find the Formula?

Your science class has been working on a formula that purifies water. Once perfected, your intent is to send it to third-world countries who are in need of clean drinking water. But your teacher has gone missing. Now it’s up to you and your fellow students to perfect the formula and send it to the countries in need. Time is of the essence! Can you complete your tasks in the time allowed? 

Please note: This room is designed for families with younger children (ages 6+). Please let us know if there will be teenagers in your group, as we can modify the difficulty as needed. There is a four-person minimum required to book this room on line,  but exceptions may be possible by calling us at 207-725-6293.

Please see Important Information below before booking.