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The Weekend

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18 and up
Teen Ages 13 to 17 • An Adult is required to book, please call for special circumstances
Child Ages 6 to 12 • An Adult is required to book

Can you get back in time?

Your family has decided to enjoy a nice quite weekend on a small island off the coast. You’ve taken the last ferry there. You are just settling in when you receive an emergency alert on your smart phone. You have less than an hour to get back to the mainland and safety before the predicted storm surge hits.

Please Note: This is a kid friendly version of “The Getaway”. Appropriate for ages 6+

If you have recently done “The Getaway” please call so we can discuss differences/similarities before you book.

This experience is designed for 4-8 people.

(Note: Adult must be in the room for a teen to be booked)

Please note: There is a 4 person minimum required to book this room.