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The Cure

Quick Details

Adults From: Ages 18+
Teens From: Ages 13 to 17

Can You Find the Cure?

Dr. Gregor Hamvitch has taken it upon himself to decide the course for humanity. He has engineered a zombie virus and will be unleashing it upon the world. He has developed the cure for himself and his family but has not been as generous to his colleagues. He has initiated a lockdown and the virus will be expelled in the form of gas every 15 minutes. Four doses and the transformation will be complete. Will you and your team be able to unravel the clues left behind in order to find the cure before it’s too late?

Please note: There is a four-person minimum required to book this room on line,  but exceptions may be possible by calling us at 207-725-6293.

*Kid-friendly versions available for ages 8+