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Downloadable Games

Downloadable mystery games through TEG. These games can be played solo, but are recommended for small groups of One to Four players! Once purchased, you will receive an activation code for your game. Once downloaded to a single device of your choosing, you and your team can play immediately, or later. Games can be paused/ stopped and/or continued at your leisure. There is no time limit, and the games DO include built-in clues to help you along your way! Internet connection is required to play. Here are a list of games available.


You’re a secret agent, fresh out of training, who’s been assigned to the case of Vincent Hahn – an internationally infamous art thief. With the help of your Intelligence agent, you must use your wits to uncover Hahn’s true identity, dig up his dirt, and pin him down before another priceless piece.

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The Silk Road

Hahn is back on the run! This time, you’re hot on his trail. Intel is tracking him across the globe as you make sense of priceless old-world artifacts left in Hahn’s wake. Connect the dots, deploy your agent abroad, and get ahead of Hahn! This is your chance to finally bring him down. goes missing!

Rogue Scientist 1990

The year is 1990. A rogue scientist, Dr. Humphreys, has begun pushing his research over the line and performing dangerous genetic experiments. The Agency for International Reconnaissance (AIR) needs your technological expertise to dig up digital clues, connect the dots, and track down Humphreys before he goes too far.

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Please Note:

These are online puzzle-mystery games that you can play on any device, anytime! Uncover clues and solve puzzles to connect the events and complete your mission! After purchase you will receive an activation code which allow download on the game. Once you log in, you’ll receive your mission in an immersive video to get you started. The, use the evidence files provided and the internet to find clues, solve puzzles, and advance through your adventure. Internet access is required to play. There’s no time limit and if you get stuck, hints are built in and you can check them at any time. Cpntent is appropriate for all ages but 12 and up is recommended.