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Multi-Player Online Games

Here are three intriguing mystery games for friends and families near and far, and designed for bigger and more advanced groups of 4 to 6 players. Once purchased, you will receive a link and “initiation code” good for up to 6 players. Then, gather your team, at a time of your choosing via an online meeting platform such as “ZOOM”. Each player then logs on and enters the code at the start of the game. These are intricate mystery games that are not timed and can take several hours complete successfully. Games can be stopped and restarted until such time as the mystery is solved. ( They also include clues to help if you get stuck along your way!)

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You are a famous American detective attending a conference in Europe, and have been called in to help solve a baffling case. It seems that during a government imposed lockdown, seven young people snuck away to a vacation rental to engage in a weekend filled with partying and letting their hair down. However, this ends in tragedy, as only 6 of them return home afterwards. What went wrong? Was there an accident? A horrible coincidence? Or could it have been a case of cold-blooded murder? Finding the truth now lies with you and your team.

Diamonds Are Forever!

Heist of the Century! Jewel thieves have broken  into the safe at Foxhole Securities and walk away with diamonds valued at 12 million Euros. But things aren’t adding up. Could it be an inside job? Slip into your roles as an insurance fraud investigators and get to the bottom of the events surrounding the theft at Foxhole. Immerse yourselves into the investigations, carefully consider the clues and realistic evidence in documents and on websites with the utmost scrutiny. Use your combined logic and powers of deduction, for time is of the essence! You must nab the culprits before their traces vanish.

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Lost Christmas!

The annual Christmas party at Norden-Polaris-AG was the scene of stolen wishlists of thousands of children. Who is capable of destroying the Christmas dreams of many children by deleting their wishes from the company’s server? And what would drive that person to do such a thing? Was it one of the employees, or could it have been one of the VIP guests at the party itself? It’s up to you to restore happiness into the season! Save this year’s Christmas.

Because of their complexity, Players should be VERY comfortable using a computer and navigating game related web pages and social media platforms. Therefore, the majority of players should be of upper high school and college age.